Project Description

We were contracted by a packaging plant customer to complete the installation of a C’ Ville high pressure dryer unit, ensuring full integration into their operations. This project incorporated the demolishing of existing HOC dryer, and Southern Machine provided all required materials and labor.

We handled every aspect of the installation process, including:

  • the fabrication and installation of the inlet heat exchangers
  • cool, wet air header
  • tie in of the hot wet air header and dryer header
  • cooling water install
  • condenser drain install
  • relocation of the N2 system

We fabricated 80 carbon steel piping, welding it into the system as specified. Additional components provided included four 6″ 600# and three 6” 300# ABZ butterfly shutoff valves. Functionality testing and visual inspections were carried out during and post installation to ensure accuracy and integrity of service.

This project was completed within a 4-month turnaround time, installed on site for the customer in Cartersville, GA.

For more details about the demolition, installation, and integration of this high pressure refrigerated dryer unit, or more about our industrial contracting solutions, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Highlights

Project Scope
Installation of two high pressure refrigerated dryers, inlet heat exchangers, separators, and the demolition of existing Sahara HOC dryer.

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Industrial Contracting
Facilities Work
Saw Cutting of Piping

Labor Scope
Hot wet air header tie in
Cool wet air header fabrication and installation
Dryer header tie in
Cooling water installation
Condensate drain installation
N2 System relocation is included
One weekend shutdown for tie in is included
All new equipment
Labor and material for installation

All piping to be Schedule 80 Carbon Steel and Welded
ABZ butterfly shutoff valves (four 6” 600# & three 6” 300#)

In process testing/inspection performed
Visual Inspection, Functionality Tests

Industry for Use
Packaging Plant

Delivery/Turnaround Time
4 Months

Delivery Location
Cartersville, GA

Standards Met
Customer Specifications

Project Name
Cartersville HP Dryer Installation