Custom Machining & Fabrication Services

Our custom machining and fabrication services is why SMF was created and is the heart of our business. Our custom machine shop and custom fabrication works, period.

We have the capabilities to produce single, individual parts, or small numbers of the same part, according to the drawings or other client supplied information.

You can view our capabilities below, then contact us to request a quote.

Machine & Fabrication Shop Capabilities

Machine Shop:
Our machine shop has approximately 25,000 square feet of building space devoted to all types of precision metal working machines such as lathes, milling machines, drill presses, etc.

Our machine shop employs over 20 experienced machinists who produce custom parts made of carbon steel as well as alloy materials such as stainless steel, exotic specialty steel alloys, and engineered plastics.

Fabrication Shop:
Employing over 20 experienced craftsmen, our fabrication shop manufactures a variety of components, usually employing welding, from structural steel shapes, round and flat shapes, and other raw materials.

Our AWS certified welders employ all types of welding methods to produce parts. Our fabrication shop also contains a sheet metal shop that produces an array of sheet metal products such as ductwork, machine guards, etc.

Custom Machining and Fabrication Capabilities

Paint Shop:
SMF has a sandblasting area that is capable of producing finishes to all SSPC standards. Our painters employ various painting techniques including spray painting to produce a variety of finishes in a range of coatings like epoxies and other industries.

Assembly Area:
SMF personnel are skilled in assembling machined parts and purchased items to produce complete working machines. Our assembly area is equipped with electrical power, which allows us to test run most machines before sending out to the client. If required, we have closely allied sub-suppliers program PLC and computer controls.

Raw Materials:
SMF keeps a large supply of structural steel, flat plate, sheet metal, bar stock, etc. in different grades of carbon steel, alloy steel, and other materials. If we do not have the materials needed in stock, we can obtain them from suppliers in Atlanta and Chattanooga within one day. We are proud to use the latest automatic saws and electric eye flame cutting materials needed for the job.

Engineering and Quality Control:
Engineering and Quality Control

Equipment List:
Equipment List

Turnkey Services:
In addition to providing high quality craftsmen, we supply engineering, design, and project management. Our team is able to perform a complete range of turnkey projects from a single source which eliminates over-design, stimulates innovation, reduces costs, and reduces the time for completion.

Here is just a brief list of why you should work with us:

    Our team has direct plant operations and maintenance experience and is familiar with plant needs.

  • We are particularly sensitive to production needs and shutdown work and specialize in making our schedules reflect production schedules.
  • We have the ability to complete any sized project from equipment installation, process modifications, and facilities work to design/build green field plants or plant expansions.
  • We specialize in supplying complete technical solutions to production problems.

Reach out to us today, and let SMF meet all of your manufacturing and fabricating needs.